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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Over the past several years a new phenomena has taken hold in the world.  It is called Black Friday and Cyber Monday respectively.  The concept is simple.  The day after Thanksgiving, the retail world opens its doors very very early for killer deals on the latest and greatest toys, tools, electronics, clothes etc. that are being coveted by many.  Black Friday requires a willingness to get up in the middle of the night, stand in line and maybe get that special deal.

So, in an effort to also attract the crowds and kick start the holiday retail season, the big on-line companies created their own virtual Black Friday and started calling it Cyber Monday.  The difference?  The shopping deals were on a work day, while the majority of Americans are off work the day after Thanksgiving.

So what does this mean to those who are working on Cyber Monday?  Chances are it means that you will be shopping while working.  The newspapers were quoted as estimating that the average shopper was going to spend 2 hours of work time shopping on Cyber Monday.

Cyberslacking at work?  Or, do you think those of us who shopped were able to maintain productivitiy as expected by the company? Only you can actually answer that question, but my sense is that work productivity suffered and shopping sales increased this past Monday.




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